South America

Climate Zone and Historical Data

List of countries in South America

CountryCapitalCurrent timeClimate ZoneAreaPopulation
ArgentinaBuenos Aires01:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)CFA2,780,400.0 km²44,941,261
BoliviaSucre00:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AW1,098,581.0 km²11,515,649
BrazilBrasília02:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AW8,547,403.0 km²211,052,076
ChileSantiago01:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)CSB756,626.0 km²18,954,587
ColombiaBogotá23:17 (Tue, 28 Mar 2023)CFB1,138,914.0 km²50,341,992
EcuadorQuito23:17 (Tue, 28 Mar 2023)CFB283,561.0 km²17,376,211
Falkland IslandsStanley01:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)ET12,173.0 km²2,549
French GuianaCayenne01:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AF90,000.0 km²2,549
GuyanaGeorgetown00:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AF214,969.0 km²785,315
ParaguayAsunción00:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AW406,752.0 km²7,047,185
PeruLima23:17 (Tue, 28 Mar 2023)AF1,285,216.0 km²32,513,002
South Georgia and South Sandwich IslandsKing Edward Point02:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)ET2,549
SurinameParamaribo01:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AF163,265.0 km²583,921
UruguayMontevideo01:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)CFA175,016.0 km²3,464,283
VenezuelaCaracas00:17 (Wed, 29 Mar 2023)AM912,050.0 km²28,518,378