Climate Zone and Historical Data

List of countries in Oceania

CountryCapitalCurrent timeClimate ZoneAreaPopulation
American SamoaPago Pago18:38 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021)AW199.0 km²57,861
AustraliaCanberra16:08 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)BWH7,741,220.0 km²25,366,856
Cook IslandsAvarua19:38 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021)AF236.0 km²2,549
Federated States of MicronesiaPalikir15:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF702.0 km²116,364
FijiSuva17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF18.333 km²892,502
French PolynesiaPapeet?19:38 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021)AF4,000.0 km²281,836
French Southern TerritoriesPort-aux-Français10:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)ET7,780.0 km²2,549
GuamHagåtña15:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF549.0 km²169,843
KiribatiSouth Tarawa17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF726.0 km²120,155
Marshall IslandsMajuro17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF181.0 km²61,340
NauruYaren17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF21.0 km²15,130
New CaledoniaNouméa16:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)CFA18,575.0 km²290,349
New ZealandWellington17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)CFB270,534.0 km²4,919,549
NiueAlofi18:38 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021)AF260.0 km²2,549
Norfolk IslandKingston16:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)CFA36.0 km²2,549
Northern Mariana IslandsSaipan15:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF464.0 km²59,765
PalauNgerulmud14:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF459.0 km²20,557
Papua New GuineaPort Moresby15:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF462,840.0 km²8,778,658
Pitcairn IslandsAdamstown21:38 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021)AF2,549
SamoaApia18:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AW2,831.0 km²199,646
Solomon IslandsHoniara16:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF28,896.0 km²672,372
TokelauFakaofo18:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF12.0 km²2,549
TongaNuku'alofa18:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF650.0 km²107,043
TuvaluFunafuti17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF26.0 km²14,195
United States Minor Outlying IslandsNone19:38 (Wed, 22 Sep 2021)AF16.0 km²2,549
VanuatuPort Vila16:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF12,189.0 km²302,431
Wallis and FutunaMata-Utu17:38 (Thu, 23 Sep 2021)AF200.0 km²2,549