Climate Impacts

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We have partnered with DARA International to create an interactive map of projected climate impacts. Click on a country to learn about global warming impacts, clean energy solutions, and how you can take action on climate change.

Climate Solutions

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We have the solutions to reverse global warming today — from renewable power and energy efficiency to low-carbon transportation and sustainable development. But we need the political will to remove fossil fuel subsidies and put a price on carbon pollution.

Climate Facts

Climate Confusion
What is global warming? What are CO2 emissions and who is responsible for them? Why are some people denying the existence of climate change, and are there real solutions to solve it?Read more »

Climate Voices

Peru to Paris
The road from Peru to Paris is littered with hazards and distractions, but round the bend there’s something worth the drive.Read more »

More Climate News & Analysis

EU climate plan

EU climate plan adds momentum to global energy transition

The European Commission has pushed climate and energy further up the political agenda, revealing its blueprint for the global climate deal, which is due to be agreed in Paris in December.

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Black and white New York skyline

Citigroup invests $100billion to combat climate change

Citigroup Inc has announced plans to ‘lend, invest and facilitate’ $100billion in projects combating climate change by 2025.

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Germany's Climate Plan

Berlin to exit coal by 2020

The German capital of Berlin plans to shut its four remaining coal-fired power plant by 2020, according to reports from national newspaper Die Welt.

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World’s biggest PR firm ends relationship with US oil lobby

World’s biggest PR firm ends relationship with US oil lobby

Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, is ending its business relationship with the American Petroleum Institute (API).

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Fossil fuel-backed researcher Willie Soon has argued that climate change is not related to the manmade release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Creative Commons:

Cash for climate denial scandal sparks calls for more transparency

Newly released documents detail the flow of more than $1 million in fossil fuel money to climate change-denying researcher Willie Soon.

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