Climate Impacts

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We have partnered with DARA International to create an interactive map of projected climate impacts. Click on a country to learn about global warming impacts, clean energy solutions, and how you can take action on climate change.

Climate Solutions

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We have the solutions to reverse global warming today — from renewable power and energy efficiency to low-carbon transportation and sustainable development. But we need the political will to remove fossil fuel subsidies and put a price on carbon pollution.

Climate Facts

Climate Confusion
What is global warming? What are CO2 emissions and who is responsible for them? Why are some people denying the existence of climate change, and are there real solutions to solve it?Read more »

Climate Voices

Paris Climate Deal
The rainy season has come once again and for many communities in the Philippines, this means getting ready for strong typhoons.Read more »

More Climate News & Analysis

Spoken Word for the World

COMPETITION: Spoken Word for the World

The GCCA is looking to uncover the world’s most passionate spoken word artists who want to create poetry that aims to change the world.

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fossil fuel support policies

OECD urges end to fossil fuel support policies

World should abandon fossil fuel support policies which belong in a past when healthy economies depended on pollution, say wealthiest nations.

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divestment pledges hit $2.6 trillion

Fossil fuels on the backfoot as divestment pledges hit $2.6 trillion

With renewable energies booming globally, and the fossil fuel industry in terminal decline, the movement to shift investments out of dirty energy towards clean renewables has exploded, topping $2.6 trillion dollars.

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Paris negotiation position

EU unveils Paris negotiation position – supporting full phase out of emissions

The EU’s negotiating position for the global climate talks in Paris in December was agreed and published on Friday.

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climate finance

Tracking requests for climate finance in the lead up to Paris

Analysis shows that developing countries have said they will need a total of around US $360bn to implement climate action plans submitted to date.

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