Climate Impacts

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We have partnered with DARA International to create an interactive map of projected climate impacts. Click on a country to learn about global warming impacts, clean energy solutions, and how you can take action on climate change.

Climate Solutions

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We have the solutions to reverse global warming today — from renewable power and energy efficiency to low-carbon transportation and sustainable development. But we need the political will to remove fossil fuel subsidies and put a price on carbon pollution.

Climate Facts

Climate Confusion
What is global warming? What are CO2 emissions and who is responsible for them? Why are some people denying the existence of climate change, and are there real solutions to solve it?Read more »

Climate Voices

the Philippines
The rainy season has come once again and for many communities in the Philippines, this means getting ready for strong typhoons.Read more »

More Climate News & Analysis

UK elections

UK risks climate credibility with drastic cuts to renewable subsidies

The UK government is risking its climate credibility at home and abroad this week, as reports show it could be on the cusp of enacting more drastic cuts to renewable energy subsidies.

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Island nation

Marshalls becomes first island nation to offer UN climate pledge

The Marshall Islands has become the first small island nation to submit its carbon-cutting pledge ahead of the UN climate talks this December, committing to cut emissions by a third within a decade.

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top global threat

Climate change named top global threat

Climate change has been named as the world’s top global threat, with countries in Latin America and Africa particularly concerned by the issue.

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Creative Commons: Joshua Doubek, 2011.

US says goodbye to 200th coal plant as gas edges ahead in energy mix

As environmentalists celebrate the 200th coal plant phase out in the United States, for the first time in history natural gas is overtaking coal as the country’s largest power sources.

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airline industry

Climate change brings ill winds for airline industry

Scientists say wind patterns altered by climate variability are costing airlines millions of dollars in extra fuel and flying time − and increasing CO2 emissions.

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