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According to a recent national survey, more than half of TV weather reporters don’t believe in human-induced climate change. Meanwhile, their viewers are facing unprecedented, climate-change induced heat waves, droughts, and flooding. We need our TV meteorologists to report the facts about climate change. Join the campaign.

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Tell eBay to drop ALEC and other climate deniers

A massive day of action is planned on October 15th to flood eBay with thousands of tweets and phone calls, demanding they dump the climate denial group ALEC.

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From Haiti to NYC, Sandy anniversary shows recovery is far from over

On the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, affected communities are demanding that action to reduce climate pollution and adapt to future Sandy-like storms remain top priorities of decision-makers.

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Turn the tide: Demand a just rebuilding for Sandy anniversary

Join Forecast the Facts members for “Turning The Tide: Carbon Divestment for a Post-Sandy Wall Street,” a panel discussion to mark Superstorm Sandy’s one-year anniversary and to discuss and organize around Wall Street’s role in climate pollution.

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Add your voice: Stop fracking on US public lands before it’s too late

Producing natural gas by fracking on US public lands isn’t the clean energy solution we need: it puts these beautiful places at risk for water contamination as it also drains limited water supplies. Plus, as a potent greenhouse gas that leaks into the air during extraction and processing, it’s hardly the climate-friendly fuel we should be founding our energy future upon. Until August 23rd, you can add your voice to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) plans to frack on 600 million acres of public lands.

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Partner Spotlight: Brad Johnson, Forecast the Facts

We’re pleased to share a short interview with Brad Johnson, Campaign Director of one of our newest partners – the US-based organization Forecast the Facts. Read on to learn more about their creative approach to calling out climate skeptics, meteorologists and bought-and-paid-for politicians.

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And Action: How the climate movement is changing the world this week

There is no challenge too daunting and no industry too powerful to stop the climate movement from fighting for a better future. Whether they’re bringing together 5,000 people against the Tar Sands in Canada or 50 people against climate silence in Washington, they’re fearless and unstoppable. And they’ve had quite a week.

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Fresh Air Brief: Friday, September 28th

Fresh this week: EU reaches 100 GW wind power milestone; Extreme flooding in India displaces 1.5 million people; Saudi Arabia plans 100MW solar plant for holy city of Mecca; Climate-carbon crisis could kill 100 million people by 2030

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Daniel Souweine: Hey weather man! Where’s the climate coverage?

This week in Boston, US broadcast meteorologists will meet in their yearly conferencesponsored by the American Meteorological Society. From the point of view of the planet, it’s the most important meeting of weather reporters in history. Because the burning question is whether weathercasters will embrace their responsibility to communicate how climate change is creating a new normal of dangerous, extreme weather.

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Eleven prominent donors dump climate-denying Heartland Institute

With only days to go before the start of the Heartland Institute’s annual climate denial conference, eleven major funders have dropped their support of the organization.

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Why don’t meteorologists believe in climate change?

In recent years, the world’s scientists have begun to show that climate change is altering the magnitude and frequency of severe weather, and polls say a majority of Americans now link droughts, floods and other extremes to global warming.

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