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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
At the Rio+20 Conference this June, world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments and civil society, will come together to shape ways to reduce pov... Read more »

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While Rio+20 'The Future We Want' outcome document does deliver some commitments to move closer to a green economy, history has taught us that governments have no reason to keep th... Read more »

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THE FORCE series: Low wind key to success in Thailand

This blog post is from Thailand, where Dr. Wirachai Roynarin is developing low wind-speed turbines that are low impact and perhaps the perfect solution for South-East Asia. It is part 10 and the last of a series of wind energy stories from the Force project by photographer Robert van Waarden for GCCA partners.

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Rémi Parmentier: Lessons from Rio

I have refrained from blogging for three days until today, the final day of the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Not only because I have been (and continue to be) extremely busy with a multitude of tasks here. But also because I wanted to wait for the dust to start settling. There has been a quasi-universal condemnation of the Summit outcome and the way it was conducted by the Brazilian Presidency. What Ban Ki-moon had rightly called a one-time-in-a-generation opportunity has failed us (and him). I understand and share the frustrations — especially from those who attended such a summit for the first time, and in particular for the youth groups. But life goes on (or — rather –Life has to go on).

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Democracy Now interviews Brittany Trilford, winner of a Date with History

On Wednesday June 20, 17-year-old environmental activist Brittany Trilford of Wellington, New Zealand, addressed more than a hundred heads of state at the opening plenary of the Rio+20 U.N. Earth Summit, the largest United Nations gathering ever. “We are all aware that time is ticking, and we are quickly running out,” Trilford said. “You have 72 hours to decide the fate of your children, my children, my children’s children. And I start the clock now.”

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Christian Teriete: Reflections on the last days of Rio+20 & the future we really want

A conference that was 2 years in the planning and tasked to chart a path towards ‘The Future We Want’ has produced a document that most of civil society has rejected. The 3 days of the high-level segment were an emotional roller coaster: fighting spirit and a rest of hope on Wednesday, when Heads of States were supposed to salvage the summit, then consternation and anger on Thursday as leaders failed to lead and didn’t open the weak text, and on Friday a feeling of determination to create the future our elected leaders won’t give us and to make the most of what we got in Rio.

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Meet Brittany Trilford, teenage environmentalist

This week’s “Foot Soldier,” teenage activist Brittany Trilford, traveled over 7,000 miles (thankfully not by foot) to, more or less, give world leaders the business for their lack of action on the environment. But she wasn’t the first child to have done so: 12-year-old Severn Suzuki addressed the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in a speech that helped her become known as “The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes,” a symbol of how startling it is to hear such direct truths, and demands, spoken out of the mouths of our children — particularly when those truths are about how those leaders treat the Earth

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Kelly Rigg: After Rio, it’s all up to us.

Let’s face it. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) was a flop — at least the part that involved negotiations amongst governments. What happened in the margins was much more interesting, and virtually every post-Rio commentator has suggested in one way or another that “it’s all up to us now.”

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Tracking the Cloud of Commitments

While Rio+20 ‘The Future We Want’ outcome document does deliver some commitments to move closer to a green economy, history has taught us that governments have no reason to keep their promises to future generations unless civil society holds them accountable. For this reason, our partners at the NRDC launched a new platform ‘The Cloud of Commitments’ to aggregate and track commitments made by governments at all levels, businesses and civil society groups to contribute to the rapid transition to a low-carbon green economy.

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TckTckTck partners respond to the close of Rio+20

With the end of the Rio+20 Earth Summit last night and the signing of ‘The Future We Want’ outcome document, our time in Rio is coming to a close. Partners here in Rio de Janeiro and abroad are taking stock of these talks, their results and what they mean for the environmental and climate movement going forward – with a variety of opinions on what to do next. Here is a by-no-means exhaustive list of responses collected from our partners on the Rio+20 results.

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Priscilla Stuckey: A day at the Rio Earth Summit

Early light seeps through the gap in the blackout curtains in this little rental apartment two blocks from Ipanema Beach. The predawn lightning and thunder have moved on, and today, like yesterday, promises to be cloudy and humid, 75 comfortable degrees in the dead of winter in Rio. Heading out to catch the shuttle bus, […]

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17 year old Brittany Trilford addresses world leaders at UN Earth Summit

What would you say if given the opportunity to tell world leaders your thoughts on climate change? For 17 year-old New Zealander, Brittany Trilford, that opportunity became a reality this morning at the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Invited to provide the opening speech, Trilford delivered a polite, but stern address to the 130 heads of state and representatives in attendance. Her demand: Do something.

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