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We have partnered with DARA International to create an interactive map of projected climate impacts. Click on a country to learn about global warming impacts, clean energy solutions, and how you can take action on climate change.

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TckTckTck network organizations cover a wide array of causes — from poverty alleviation and public health to social justice and environmental conservation. Click on a topic to find ways you can take action and make a difference.

Partner News

Sign the petition: Protect the Leuser Ecosystem

Stand with the local communities and wildlife of the Leuser Ecosystem and raise your voice today to protect the crown jewel of Indonesia’s natural legacy.

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Tell Congress: Don’t fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Send a message to your representatives: Fast tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a bad move for the climate, worker's rights, and social justice.

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Sign the petition for stronger truck fuel efficiency standards

Tell the federal government to enforce truck fuel efficiency standards that would cut fuel consumption 40% by 2025 and reduce oil imports by 1.4 million barrels per day.

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Tell EPA: Pass strong new regulations on oil dispersants

On the anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, urge the EPA to adopt the strongest possible protections from toxic oil dispersants.

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Sign the petition: Grant federal recognition to the United Houma Nation

Sign the petition to support the indigenous people of the United Houma Nation in their appeal to the U.S. Government for federal recognition.

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Tell the US Forest Service: Protect the Klamath National Park

Submit a public comment to the US Forest Service today and tell them that the Klamath National Forest should be protected, not logged.

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Sign the petition: Let’s give climate change a #SeatAtTheTable

Sign the petition to show major investors in Shell and BP that we want them to vote YES on shareholder resolutions giving climate change concerns a #SeatAtTheTable.

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