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  12. Governments face pressure to cut fossil fuels after WHO issues clean air resolution
  13. Tell Norway’s political leaders: Divest from fossil fuels
  14. Join the Global Day of Action to stop dirty energy
  15. Finance industry and business get behind low-carbon transition
  16. Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF
  17. Patricia Garcia & Peter van den Hazel: The health benefits of fighting climate change
  18. Anti-coal campaigners target Commonwealth Bank in Australia and elsewhere
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  20. Join the No Dash for Gas global call for climate action
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  22. Proposal to dim New York’s city lights at night to save energy
  23. UK coal consumption heads for record low, as another plant shuts its doors
  24. Global green energy jobs top 7.7 million in 2014
  25. 200 days out from Paris climate talks, momentum grows for global deal
  26. Antarctic ice is under attack from sea and air
  27. Divestment movement heats up as Oxford Uni rules out polluting investments
  28. Tell your Senators: Don’t diss Pope Francis
  29. Tell the Associated Press: Deniers are not skeptics
  30. Hundreds take to boats in Seattle to protest Arctic drilling
  31. Canada announces commitment for 2015 climate deal
  32. Edinburgh students: You refused to divest so we’ve occupied
  33. Ruth Davis & Nick Mabey: A story of hope and responsibility for environmentalism
  34. Pope Francis steps up calls for Catholics to support action on climate change
  35. Crowdsourcing climate solutions
  36. G20: Food wastage is an ‘enormous’ global problem
  37. Tell the US Department of Energy: Stop the bias against renewable energy
  38. Tell Governor Brown: Stop contaminating California aquifers with wastewater
  39. Sign the petition: Stop Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline
  40. Raise the heat on CommBank: 19-23 May
  41. Shell rigs prepare to dock in Seattle amidst Arctic oil uproar
  42. Students occupy University of Edinburgh in wake of divestment let down
  43. Bank of America announces cut in fossil fuel lending
  44. World Bank urges three key steps for a carbon-free future
  45. Obama greenlights Shell’s Arctic drilling plans casting doubt over his climate legacy
  46. Reshuffles, renewables & the UN climate talks: What the new UK govt means for the climate
  47. Hawaii sprints forward in race to 100% renewable energy
  48. Sign the petition: Stop wasting California’s water on fracking
  50. Pope Francis could lead one third of Catholics into climate fight