Working for the GCCA

The Global Call for Climate Action was founded in 2008 as a not for profit registered in Quebec, Canada. TckTckTck represents an unprecedented network of more than 450 nonprofit organizations led by GCCA. Our shared mission is:

The Global Call for Climate Action harnesses the respective strengths of hundreds of faith, development, environment, youth, labour and other civil society organizations to achieve a world safe from runaway climate change.

The GCCA connects organizations from across the globe to build their individual and collective capacity to communicate the urgency of climate change, campaign on the solutions before us and to mobilize the pubic in support of strong, equitable government action at the national and international levels.

The staff of GCCA work from hub or home offices all around the globe. We connect virtually through email, skype, conference call, twitter, yammer and of course phone. GCCA is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicity. If you have a passion for steering the world away from climate catastrophe you are the right applicant!

Interns & Volunteers

GCCA utilizes the skills and energy of volunteers and interns in our work predominately in social media and web support. If you have some unique skills that you would like to hone, please drop us a line with your CV. We will also post any available volunteer or intern positions as they become available.

Current Openings

Editor – The Tree communications project

Location: Washington, DC – USA


The Global Call for Climate Action is looking to add a Washington, DC based Editor to its strategic communications initiative, The Tree. This person will be joining a global team of Editors who monitor climate news daily and produce accurate and strategic “Alerts” based on that news. The US Tree Editor will directly work with the rest of the GCCA in its efforts to ultimately secure a resilient world safe from the worst impacts of climate change by shifting public opinion through a number of strategic avenues. This is a contract position with competitive compensation based on experience and will require international travel. The contract will run through 2015, with the intention that this Editor will grow into a more senior position after this year’s Paris climate talks.

The US Editor position

This is an opportunity for someone who understands the power of narratives, frames and messages, and is passionate about using their skills to bolster the global effort to tackle climate change. The newly hired US Editor will work directly with the GCCA’s Managing Editor and Director of Special Projects in Washington, DC and virtually with all other Editors around the world. The Editor will lead in producing Alerts several times a week that are targeted to reach a network of influencers in the US and the rest of the world. Producing these Alerts at the standard this network is accustomed to requires impeccable writing skills, a keen understanding of traditional, new and social media, and knowledge of international political dynamics. Experience working in a strategic campaign is seen as a strong asset for this position. The US Tree Editor will be a strong networker and will have the ability to manage many tasks on evolving deadlines. Given the global and multilingual nature of our operations, the ability to speak multiple languages is highly valued though not required. This position requires commitment, motivation and a willingness to learn from an experienced team of strategic communicators.

Key tasks

  • Writing and editing Tree Alerts for a diverse US audience
  • Researching and analyzing information, stories, press releases etc. about energy and climate issues
  • Maintaining and growing an existing, diverse network of influential US contacts
  • Developing the project to stay at the leading edge of climate change communications theory and practice
  • Chairing meetings and leading discussions
  • Contributing to the social media arm of the GCCA
  • Staying on top of the US climate and energy debate
  • Working closely with Tree Editors around the world on global Tree Alerts and on enhancing internal processes

Personal Specification

  • Bachelors or advanced degree in communications, political science or relevant field
  • Impeccable communications, copywriting and editing talents
  • Experience with campaigns, ideally online and media
  • Ability to manage relationships with partners and network members
  • Must be comfortable networking, pitching newideas and conducting face-to-face meetings
  • Must be able to use basic publishing and email client tools (WordPress, Mailchimp).
  • Must be native English speaker (other languages a plus, in particular French and/or Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese)
  • Must be able to travel internationally

About the Tree

The Tree is an innovative communications initiative run by the Global Call for Climate Action. Since 2012, The Tree has become the flagship initiative of the GCCA and has grown to its current size where Editors work from London, Brussels, Montreal, Beijing, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Paris, Sydney and Washington, DC to produce Alerts and other strategic products to a powerful network of influencers worldwide. These targeted products have been used to build and shape the discourse on climate change at global and regional levels, and create the momentum required for accelerating the ongoing transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Interested and qualified candidates should send a resume, cover letter and answers to the three questions below (350 words MAX per question) to Karen Barkley at: Karen.Barkley@tcktcktck.org with “US Tree Editor” as the subject. Deadline for application is 10 June.


  1. What are the most important issues in the climate debate in the United States?
  2. Which audiences should the climate movement be engaging with more this year given the importance of the Paris climate talks?
  3. What is one skill that you bring to this job that isn’t identified on your resume?


Campaign Organiser

Reporting to: Angelique Orr (Partnership Director)
Duration of contract: 1 year, full time (flexible working requests considered)
Location: Flexible, within Europe

Background / purpose to this post

2015 is a really important year for public mobilisation on climate change. The Paris UN Climate Conference (COP21) is a major global moment for the movement and the world. At best, the outcome of Paris can cement the shift away from fossil fuels and toward climate-resilient societies. Whatever happens in Paris, the movement must emerge stronger and more energised as we move into 2016 and beyond. At GCCA we know that people power can be a game-changer – its one of few variables capable of shifting politics at the scale required. This role will help us support our partner network in their efforts to mobilise publics in the run up to, during and after the Paris COP. It will focus on supporting campaigning efforts in Europe, and the post-holder will also help ensure linkage to the movement and our partners globally.

Working for GCCA

The GCCA Secretariat Team is composed of around 20 people based in 11 countries around the world. We operate as a supportive and dynamic virtual team. The secretariat team comes together on a monthly video call, and usually once a year in a staff retreat. This post is in the Partnership and Outreach Team, which is responsible for engagement and support of our partner network, supporting their efforts to mobilise publics for climate action.

Key tasks

  • Support the development and delivery of partner-led national campaign strategies in the run up to / beyond Paris COP21 (inc coalition efforts, specific campaigns or initiatives)
  • Help ensure dialogue, connection and joint strategies between national efforts for maximum impact at European and global level
  • Act as coordinator and facilitator at distance and in face-to-face movement meetings. Lead and participate in working groups – convene, chair calls, attend relevant meetings
  • Partner engagement and support – build and maintain relationships with existing and potential partners, supporting their efforts to mobilise their constituency on climate change (with a focus on specific groups / audiences such as youth, faith, union movement)
  • Contribute to the development of plans and strategies for the climate movement for 2016+
  • Support the development and delivery of GCCA’s ‘national iconic campaigns’ in 1-2 countries, as agreed with Partnership Director
  • Develop and deliver capacity building efforts with specific groups and /or in defined countries to support campaigning in the run up to Paris and beyond
  • Lead on specific projects related to partner support / outreach or national campaign support, as defined by Partnership Director.
  • Represent the GCCA at selected meetings and public events, as agreed
  • Play a full and active role in the Partnership and Outreach Team and GCCA Secretariat Team
  • Participate in Monitoring and Evaluation efforts for GCCA including production of regular activity and impact reports.

Required skills and experience

  • Minimum 5 years experience of working within campaigning and public mobilisation field
  • Excellent communication skills; fluent in written and spoken English
  • First-class project management skills with focus on delivering results
  • Experienced campaign strategist – ability to lead on / convene planning with others
  • Experience of leading / working within campaign networks and coalitions, particularly in Europe.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; develops strong relationships with people of diverse backgrounds. A good listener.
  • Strong team-player with ability to show leadership in complex and challenging environment
  • Capable of strong independent judgement and manages own workload
  • Knowledge and understanding of climate movement and related international politics
  • Experience of working across different cultures to support campaigning development and delivery
  • Additional languages (French, Spanish, German) desirable

Other information

GCCA offers a competitive salary package, based on experience.

This post requires some international and domestic travel, to participate in (internal as well as external) meetings and workshops.

The GCCA is proud to consider flexible working requests (please outline any requests in your application letter).

Location: within Europe, flexible according to circumstances.

The post-holder will secure and organise office space and facilities required to undertake the job, and will supply their own equipment. Reasonable expenses for office space, communications, equipment, and supplies will be reimbursed based on an expense claims and submission of receipts.

If you wish to apply please send a CV and maximum 1-page letter explaining why you are right for this role to Angelique Orr by Sunday 10th May (angelique.orr@tcktcktck.org). Online video based interviews will be held w/b 18th May.


Brazil Desk Editor – The Tree communications project

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil


The Global Call for Climate Action is expanding its strategic communications initiative, The Tree, into Brazil and needs a motivated and experienced individual to serve as the project’s Brazilian Editor. The Tree is a service that provides a highly engaged network of influencers around the world with strategic communications tools to help amplify the need for actions that help address climate change. The Brazilian Tree Desk Editor will work as a full-time or near full-time contractor for the GCCA. The Editor in Brazil will monitor climate news on a daily basis, and when necessary, produce “Alerts” containing talking points, reports, social media actions and other tools that help communicate the need for climate action. The Brazilian Tree Editor will ensure that these “Alerts” are used by a network composed of allies, individuals who command strategic audiences, and members of the Brazilian media. Maintaining relationships within this network, and understanding what the network needs will be vital to the success of the initiative in Brazil. The Brazilian Tree Editor will work other members of The Tree team in the US, Canada, the UK, Belgium, Chile, China, France and Australia, as well a number of advisors within Brazil. Fluency in English and Portuguese is a requirement. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional writing skills, understanding of the climate and energy  issues, awareness of the Brazilian political landscape and will be comfortable working with the media.

Essential requirements include:

●      Bachelor’s or advanced degree in journalism, communications, public relations, environmental studies or political science strongly prefered.

●      At least 3-5 years of experience in the journalism, communications, public relations, campaigning or political sectors.

●      Knowledge of climate and energy, public communications, media, science and/or policy.

●      Ability to quickly produce professional written communications resources.

●      Ability to use Mailchimp, WordPress and other email and web platforms

●      Comfort working independently and with a remote team.

●      Ability to write and verbally communicate in both English and Portuguese. Strong preference will be given to candidates who can also communicate in Spanish.

Job duties will include:

●      Leading on planning, production and publication of Brazilian Tree Alerts and other strategic products.

●      Overseeing the establishment and continued growth of the Brazilian Tree network; pitching the Tree to targeted individuals and organizations in priority sectors.

●      Building and maintaining relationships with existing Tree participants, including members of the Brazilian media, through one-on-one networking around strategic moments and through activities such as Tree calls, happy hour events, or strategic meetings.

●      Representing the GCCA and the Tree at external events such as conferences or workshops as and when required, also over longer periods (e.g., UNFCCC conferences) and as part of on-the-ground GCCA teams.

●      Participating in weekly international team calls, occasional face-to-face meetings at regional or global level.

●      Facilitating effective coverage of climate-related issues in Brazil through Tree products such as Alerts, briefing materials and Tree Calls.

About the GCCA

GCCA, the Global Call for Climate Action, represents an unprecedented network of more than 450 nonprofit organizations. Our shared goal is to harness the respective strengths of faith, development, science, environment, youth, labor, and other civil society organizations to achieve a world safe from the worst consequences of climate change. The GCCA works to connect and facilitate the efforts of organizations from across the globe; to communicate the urgency of climate change; and to mobilize the public in support of strong, equitable government action at the national and international levels.

How to apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send a CV and cover letter in BOTH English and Portuguese to Andrew Schenkel via email: Andrew.Schenkel@tcktcktck.org with the words Tree Brazil in the subject line. This job posting expires on May 27th, 2015. The GCCA values diversity in the workplace and compensation for this job will be competitive and commensurate with experience.


Localização: São Paulo, Brasil

EMPRESA: Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA)

A GCCA está expandindo sua iniciativa de comunicação estratégica, The Tree – A Árvore, no Brasil e precisa de uma pessoa motivada e experiente para servir como editor(a) brasileiro(a) do projeto. A árvore é um serviço que fornece uma rede altamente engajada de influenciadores de todo o mundo com ferramentas de comunicação estratégica para ajudar a amplificar a necessidade de ações que ajudem a abordar as mudanças climáticas. O(a) Editor(a) d’A Árvore brasileira trabalhará em regime de tempo integral para a GCCA. O(a) Editor(a) brasileiro(a) monitorará notícias sobre o clima em base diária, e quando necessário, produzirá “Alertas” contendo pontos de discussão, relatórios, ações de mídia social e outras ferramentas que ajudam a comunicar a necessidade de ação pelo clima. O(a) Editor(a) d’A Árvore brasileira garantirá que estes “Alertas” serão usados ​​por uma rede composta de aliados, pessoas que lideram audiências estratégicas e membros da mídia brasileira. Manter relações dentro desta rede e entender quais são as necessidades da rede será vital para o sucesso da iniciativa no Brasil. O(a) Editor(a) d’A Árvore brasileira vai trabalhar com outros membros da equipe da The Tree nos EUA, Canadá, Reino Unido, Bélgica, Chile, China, França e Austrália, bem um número de assessores dentro do Brasil. Fluência em Inglês e Português é uma exigência. O candidato ideal deverá possuir habilidades de escrita excepcionais, compreensão das questões climática e energética, consciência do cenário político brasileiro e sentir-se confortável no trabalho com a mídia.

Requisitos essenciais incluem:

·       Bacharelado em jornalismo, comunicação, relações públicas, estudos ambientais ou de ciência política.

·       Pelo menos 5 anos de experiência em jornalismo, comunicação, relações públicas, campanhas ou setores políticos.

·       Conhecimento de clima e energia, comunicação pública, mídia, ciência e / ou política.

·       Capacidade de produzir rapidamente textos de comunicação profissionais.

·       Capacidade de usar Mailchimp, WordPress e outras plataformas de e-mail e web.

·       Habilidade de trabalhar de maneira independente e com equipe remota.

·       Capacidade de escrever e comunicar-se verbalmente em Inglês e Português. Será dada preferência a candidatos que também podem se comunicar em espanhol.

Deveres do trabalho incluem:

·       Liderar o planejamento, a produção e a publicação dos Alertas d’A Árvore brasileira e outros produtos estratégicos.

·       Supervisionar o estabelecimento e o crescimento contínuo da rede d’A Árvore brasileira; levar A Árvore para indivíduos escolhidos ​​e organizações de setores prioritários.

·       Construir e manter relacionamentos com participantes da rede, incluindo membros da mídia brasileira, por meio de contatos individuais em momentos estratégicos e, também, por meio de atividades como vídeo conferências d’A Árvore, eventos, ‘happy hours’ ou reuniões estratégicas.

·       Representar a GCCA e A Árvore em eventos externos, tais como conferências ou workshops, como e quando necessário, e também, por períodos mais longos (por exemplo nas conferências da UNFCCC) e como parte das equipes locais da GCCA.

·       Participar de chamadas internacionais semanais da equipe internacional da The Tree, reuniões ocasionais presenciais regionais ou globais.

·       Facilitar a cobertura eficaz das questões relacionadas com o clima no Brasil através de produtos d’A Árvore como Alertas, materiais informativos e Tree-calls.

Sobre a GCCA

A GCCA, Chamada Global para a Ação Climática, representa uma rede sem precedentes de mais de 450 organizações sem fins lucrativos. Nosso objetivo comum é o de aproveitar os pontos fortes de fé, desenvolvimento, ciência, ambiente, juventude, trabalho e outros de organizações da sociedade civil para alcançar um mundo seguro das piores consequências da mudança climática. A GCCA trabalha para conectar e facilitar os esforços de organizações de todo o mundo; para comunicar a urgência da mudança climática; e para mobilizar a opinião pública em apoio a ações governamentais fortes e equitativas nos níveis nacional e internacional.

Como se inscrever

Os candidatos interessados ​​e qualificados devem enviar uma CV e uma carta de apresentação em Inglês e Português para Andrew Schenkel pelo e-mail: Andrew.Schenkel@tcktcktck.org.Este anúncio de emprego expira em 27 de maio de 2015. A GCCA valoriza a diversidade no local de trabalho e a compensação por este trabalho será competitiva e compatível com a experiência do candidato(a)