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  1. EKOenergy
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  8. The Global Citizens’ Initiative
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  16. Dutch climate case: A call for action to all governments
  17. Sign the petition: Let’s give climate change a #SeatAtTheTable
  18. Thousands march in Canada in call for climate action
  19. Tanzania makes disaster management top priority
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  21. Thousands set to join biggest climate march in Canadian history
  22. Canada’s glaciers to drastically shrink by 2100
  23. Great Barrier Reef: Scientists rate government’s recovery plan as “weak”
  24. Tell your Premier to #ActOnClimate
  25. French banks join stampede away from Australian coal projects
  26. California enacts water cuts as drought provides a preview of climate impacts to come
  27. Build the Twitter buzz for the Great Barrier Reef
  28. Tell state regulators: Protect communities from fracking waste
  29. Sign the petition: Stop promoting the SFI program
  30. President Obama launches effort to highlight health costs of climate change
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  32. Tropical forests key to climate action
  33. Renewables responsbile for 47% of Spain’s electricity generation in March
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  35. Sign the petition: Phase out coal in Germany
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  37. Pushpinder: Copenhagen to Paris via Mahan
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  39. Water crisis pushes Brazil towards solar power
  40. Greenpeace activists scale Arctic-bound oil rig
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  42. Faith leaders join call for urgent climate action
  43. Harjeet Singh: Vanuatu needs compensation, not charity
  44. Ask your MP candidates to sign the Frack Free Promise
  45. Four-fifths of New Zealand’s power came from renewables last year
  46. Tell Quaker and PepsiCo: adopt a responsible palm oil policy
  47. Liz Gallagher: Upping the stakes at the G7
  48. Philippe Couillard et al: Fighting climate change region by region
  49. Record-breaking rain triggers floods and mudslides in Chile and Peru
  50. Tell Minister Hunt: Close the Great Barrier Reef loophole