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  15. Tell Shell to stop funding ALEC’s climate disinformation
  16. Norway’s parliament backs new climate change law
  17. États financiers au 31 décembre 2014
  18. Audited financial statements for the 2014 fiscal year.
  19. Climate Change blamed for heavy downpours in Pakistan
  20. Greenpeace celebrates landmark victory in dispute over Mahan forest
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  22. Costa Rica goes 75 days powered by 100% renewables
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  26. Study: rich nations could pledge US$2tn to tackle climate change in developing countries
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  29. Tell Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation: Divest from fossil fuels
  30. Vanuatu’s president blames devastating cyclone on changing climate
  31. Peruvian farmer seeks claims from German company in landmark climate battle
  32. Tell the EPA: Prioritize renewable energy, not natural gas
  33. More coal plants are now being cancelled than built
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  37. Carbon fee & dividend: a market-based fix for climate change?
  38. Europe submits UN climate pledges, calls on China and US to follow
  39. Aaron Packard: The unfolding crisis in Kiribati and the urgency of response
  40. South America grapples with highest rates of lead pollution in two millennia
  41. African ministers seek “critical” amendment to global warming target during Paris climate talks
  42. To divest or not to divest?
  43. China takes down documentary on pollution
  44. India doubles tax on coal production
  45. Artists embark on Arctic expedition to showcase climate impacts
  46. London Assembly votes in support of fossil fuel divestment
  47. Thousands of Londoners march on Westminster
  48. Tell BOEM: No drilling in the Atlantic or Arctic Oceans
  49. Marianna Musset: Celebrate these climate heroines on International Women’s Day
  50. Florida government officials ban the terms “climate change” and “global warming”