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  1. Antarctic peaks reveal sea rise threat
  2. UK citizens ‘show the love’ for a clean energy future
  3. Pause on US Clean Power Plan doesn’t change the realities of its benefits
  4. European wind makes strides, but falls down global leaderboard
  5. Japan green lights new, soon to be stranded, coal assets
  6. UK fracking fight heats up as Lancashire appeal begins
  7. Oceans are heating up at the double
  8. Morocco: First phase of world’s largest solar farm now in operation
  9. Brexit would return Britain to being the “dirty man of Europe”
  10. Fossil fuels in trouble amidst price glut
  11. Investors tip balance towards renewables
  12. Nicolas Delaunay: Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2016: Renewables full throttle!
  13. Clashing climate visions in Iowa sets the tone for US leadership race
  14. Misuse of EU funds leaves Eastern countries hooked on fossil fuels
  15. Ashen fingerprints of climate change all over Tasmanian fires
  16. Renewables offer quick fix for US emissions
  17. Copenhagen set to join unstoppable divestment movement
  18. Europe’s hot summers break 2,000-year record
  19. Zika: As temperatures rise, epidemics spread
  20. Solar club builds up powerful alliance
  21. Hottest year on record has human fingerprints all over it
  22. Another blow for coal as Vietnam signals retreat
  23. Coal left out in the cold as China shifts to clean energy
  24. David Holyoake: The Creative Factory – What we learned about the new climate story
  25. Denmark broke world record in wind power in 2015
  26. Renewing the economy: clean energy key to growth
  27. Protesters evicted from UK’s longest-running anti-fracking camp
  28. Climate change slows onset of next ice age
  29. Another nail in coal’s coffin: US halts leases on public lands for better climate
  30. Climate and laws fan Brazil’s forest fires
  31. Obama kicks off countdown to seal end-of-term climate legacy
  32. Humans’ indelible mark on new geological epoch
  33. Coal in trouble as fortunes fade
  34. Tell Obama and the EPA: Stop the worst methane leak in history
  35. Emissions cuts boost health and wealth
  36. Study: Climate change cuts crop harvests by 10%
  37. Californians come to grips with fracking risks during state of emergency
  38. Warming fuels rise in methane threat
  39. China clamps down on coal
  40. Hilary Lewis: Porter Ranch methane leak doesn’t bode well for climate
  41. Pressure on polluters set to grow in 2016, as year starts with storms
  42. Diego Arguedas Ortiz: Paris delivers the promised climate deal to resounding cheer and applause
  43. Tom Burke: What the COP21 outcome means for fossil fuels
  44. Paris Agreement: Critical mass of nations to reach emission peak by 2030
  45. Daily Tck: Historic climate agreement reflects real world change, protects vulnerable people
  46. Daily Tck: Day 11 of the Paris Climate Change Conference
  47. Daily Tck: Day 10 of the Paris Climate Change Conference
  48. Daily Tck: Day 9 of the Paris Climate Change Conference
  49. Emissions stall as renewables move into top gear
  50. Daily Tck: Day 8 of the Paris Climate Change Conference