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  16. October: maintaining the warming trend for 2014
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  18. Blackpool and Fylde College: Divest from fossil fuels
  19. In a close vote, US Senate rejects Keystone XL pipeline
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  23. Fracking: no ‘silver bullet’ for European energy security or emissions reduction
  24. Glowing solar-powered bike path: a stunning example of green technology
  25. Pressure on Church of England as Oxford diocese divests
  26. Camilla Toulmin: If the coal industry really cared about helping poor countries, it would shut itself down
  27. VIDEO: Greenpeace activist injured during oil drilling protest
  28. Sign the petition: Protect the Leuser Ecosystem
  29. Australia isolated as G20 meeting becomes ‘de facto climate change summit’
  30. Tell President Obama: Reject Keystone XL
  31. Frances Beinecke: 5 Reasons the Senate must reject the Keystone XL pipeline
  32. Pressure mounts on G20 governments to drop fossil fuels
  33. Report ranks countries’ climate change preparedness
  34. David Tong: Five key take-aways from last week’s Social PreCOP
  35. Genon Jensen & Peter van den Hazel: The new deal for our health and our children’s health
  36. New global maps detail anthropogenic ocean acidification
  37. Sign the petition: Stop NPR from gutting its climate coverage
  38. Take action: Help protect the Cabo Pulmo coral reef
  39. Li Shuo: Historic US-China deal marks the beginning of the end of China’s coal chapter
  40. New robot ‘dolphins’ revolutionize Antarctic ice melt data
  41. Renewable energy creates ten times more jobs than fossil fuels
  42. US and China strike climate change agreement in push for global pact
  43. Tell the EPA: Enforce strong coal ash regulations
  44. Tell Shell to stop funding ALEC’s climate disinformation
  45. Polar bears issued protection status as Arctic ice disappears
  46. G20 urged to dump $88 billion in fossil fuel exploration subsidies
  47. Tell Secretary Kerry: Jump-start the Green Climate Fund
  48. Tell President Obama: The World Needs U.S. Leadership on Climate Change
  49. Climate walkers reach Tacloban as Philippines marks Haiyan anniversary
  50. Mindy Lubber: Fossil fuel companies must evolve or perish