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  1. Brexit: No excuse to ‘go back to year zero’ on climate
  2. Climate’s coral killers move in swiftly
  3. World celebrates Pope’s words as faith groups shift into action
  4. Brexit costs to be counted in health & climate impacts
  5. Arctic melting feeds on itself
  6. New India-US partnership sends “jolt of momentum” to global climate deal
  7. Australia’s ‘stormageddon’ shows glimpse of new normal in warming world
  8. Climate impacts laid bare as Europe’s flood waters ease
  9. Global renewables boom, but is Europe reaping the benefits?
  10. Renewable renaissance on the horizon for Canada as it seeks to revamp its economy
  11. Australian Govt caught in “Soviet style” scrubbing of climate risks from UN report
  12. G7 host Japan goes rogue on coal as renewable jobs buck global trend
  13. Pressure mounts on Sweden to ditch Vattenfall coal sale
  14. The ‘fight goes on’ as UK ends 5-year fracking hiatus
  15. Cape Grim climate milestone underscores need for urgent action
  16. 300,000+ public health professionals call on G7 to speed clean energy shift
  17. Brazil prepares to roll back green laws
  18. Searing heat may spark climate exodus
  19. Fort McMurray wildfire: The climate connection
  20. Zombie fossil firms go for the jugular in dirty fightback
  21. Alberta grapples with devastation as wildfire blazes through community
  22. UK coal battle heads to Wales as fossil fuel fight goes global
  23. Reality of climate change sinks in across US party lines, say researchers
  24. Vulnerable countries suffer as heat epidemics hit worker health and productivity
  25. Biodiesel not a solution to EU emissions, warns NGO
  26. Climate brings hard times for tea yields
  27. Emmanuel de Guzman: Sign on the dotted line, but don’t forget the fine print is 1.5C
  28. Payal Parekh: Breaking free from fossil fuels
  29. Paris signing ceremony marks milestone in journey towards fossil free future
  30. Climate warning: Coral bleaching hits 93% of Great Barrier Reef
  31. Amid Brazil’s energy corruption claims, Euro firms eye Amazon mega-dam
  32. Swedish government under pressure to end Vattenfall’s ‘dirty’ coal deal
  33. Climate threat to vulnerable islands
  34. BP faces pressure over climate hypocrisy
  35. Jan Vandermosten: Coal is a climate killer, whatever its efficiency
  36. Call for Saudis to be a solar power
  37. World’s largest private coal company files for bankruptcy
  38. Countries urged to turn Paris promises into action, ratify swiftly
  39. Drought-hit California feels pressure
  40. Energy East ‘threatens’ drinking water for millions of Canadians
  41. Global wealth faces higher climate risk
  42. White House weighs in on health risks of climate change
  43. Coal plant closures becoming the new normal for Europe?
  44. Antarctic ice melt may be happening faster than feared
  45. Health benefits surge as US clean tech soars
  46. Bleak outlook for coal as UK closes three plants
  47. Arctic sea ice shrinks to record low
  48. Are Australian taxpayers to fund Adani’s zombie coal project?
  49. UK doctors: Climate change ‘gravest threat’ to human health
  50. Asia loses its appetite for coal