About GCCA

People's Climate March, GCCA

The GCCA is a diverse network of more than 450 nonprofit organizations in more than 70 countries with a shared goal — a world safe from runaway climate change. The GCCA harnesses the strengths of faith, development, science, environment, youth, labour, and other civil society organisations to mobilise citizens and galvanise public opinion in support of urgent climate action. We connect and facilitate the efforts of our partners; we communicate about climate challenges and solutions; and we help partners mobilise people in support of strong, equitable government action. GCCA partners endorse our Call to Action:

Now is our moment, before climate disruption becomes irreversible, to stand up for the safety and wellbeing of people — at home and around the world. The solutions are available and the costs of inaction keep rising every year we delay. We call for:

  • Phase-out of fossil fuels and a just transition to clean, renewable energy;
  • Protection of our communities and forests, oceans and water resources;
  • Leaders to take immediate action to close the gap between current actions and investments and what’s needed to secure our future;
  • Sufficient funding to support the communities suffering most from the impacts of climate change.

The GCCA has three main strategic priorities:

  1. Support our partners to reach and engage more people from diverse constituencies in taking meaningful action on climate change.
  1. Build bigger global moments by aligning and amplifying the communication and mobilisation efforts of our partner network to demonstrate massive and growing public concern and support for change.
  1. Help to win iconic national campaigns by positioning globally relevant climate campaigns at the top of the political agenda in selected countries, and work with partners to secure major changes over time.

The GCCA Secretariat consists of a team of about twenty staff based around the world working to:

  • Amplify the work of our partners – their campaigns, actions, messages & publications. We do this through our digital channels, communications initiatives, and by sharing updates across our growing partner network;
  • Aggregate our partners’ campaigns, voices and actions, linking local, national and international campaigning, especially around agreed global moments. We tell a coherent movement story of momentum for change;
  • Align the movement(s) by working to promote unity – working together on joint strategies that support the diversity of our efforts;
  • Activate broader and more diverse constituencies to act on climate change, through and with partners who benefit from our services, trainings, products, resources and analyses.

Check out our recent projects  and read testimonials about our work. Meet GCCA Staff and our Board of Directors. You can access our annual reports here. Contact us info [at] tcktcktck.org.