About GCCA

GCCA TckTckTck Campaign

GCCA, the Global Call for Climate Action, represents an unprecedented network of more than 450 nonprofit organizations. Our shared goal is to harness the respective strengths of faith, development, science, environment, youth, labor, and other civil society organizations to achieve a world safe from runaway climate change.  The GCCA works to connect and facilitate the efforts of organizations from across the globe; to communicate the urgency of climate change; and to mobilize the public in support of strong, equitable government action at the national and international levels.

Climate change is a huge challenge but the solutions to tackle it are available today. More and more people, businesses, investors and governments endorse these solutions, reaping the benefits of new lifestyles, smart investments and climate-friendly policies. Together we work to grow this movement for change, building a strong public mandate for bold political decisions that will make our vision of a sustainable future become a reality.

The GCCA was born from conversations between internationally-respected campaigners and advocates representing environmental, development, and social justice NGO’s. These climate activists concluded that the fight against climate change needed a boost by uniting a diversity of organizations to create public campaigns particularly in countries where additional mobilizing capacity was needed.

TckTckTck Campaign logo

The GCCA was formed in 2008 with the mission of securing a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty at the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen. One of the newer members of the GCCA, Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum (GHF), offered the use of the new TckTckTck open source logo and marketing campaign which had been designed by Euro RSCG, an international advertising agency who donated their time to create the logo. TckTckTck thus became the shared brand for the new climate network.

The GCCA is not a coalition in the traditional sense of the word, as we do not negotiate common policy positions beyond what is contained in our central call-to-action. We focus on what unites us and not on what divides us, and partner organizations are free to engage in ways that best suit their own strengths. Our collective climate movement has continued to grow, inspiring people all over the world to take action in the race to the low-carbon future.

TckTckTck won a “Game-Changer” Award from the We Media Foundation, was short-listed for a Webby Award for world’s best advocacy campaign, and listed by The Guardian as one of the Top 50 climate tweeters in the world. We work hard to create innovative campaign tools that build capacity amongst NGO’s to help grow the movement for change — both on the streets and online.

Read more about the history of GCCA and check out our recent projects. Meet GCCA Staff and our Board of Directors. You can access our annual reports here.