Ecofys unveils infographic on global greenhouse gas emissions by source

• May 29, 2013
global greenhouse gas emissions

A new infograph provides a clear picture of global greenhouse gas emissions from source. Creative Commons: 2008

A new infographic aimed at visualising how much greenhouse gas the world produces annually has been released.

The new graphic – produced by ASN Bank and consultancy Ecofys – aims to update the World Resources Institute’s flowchart which, when released in 2000, made clear for the first time just how much CO2 was produced and by whom.

The latest version includes data to 2010. It shows the sources of greenhouse gases, including oil, coal and land use changes, and the amount of each gas that finds its way into the atmosphere. For 2010, the net global CO2 equivalent emissions totals 48.6 billion (metric) tonnes.

It shows which industries contribute to climate change the most and which resources they use doing so.

Many changes have taken place since 2000. The production of CO2 remains the dominant greenhouse gas, but its contribution fell slightly from 77% to 76% while methane’s contribution rose from 14% to 15%.

Emissions from the transport sector grew over the period from 13.5% to 15% while those from agriculture fell from 13.5% to 7%.

Infographic: World GHG Emissions Flow Chart (2010)

Ecofys GHG carbon climate emissions infographic 2013

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