Daily Tck: Climate finance remains blocker at COP 18

• December 7, 2012

Cop 18 Doha delegate

It is hard (impossible) to find anyone in the halls at the Doha climate talks who believes that we are going to finalize business today. The LCA (Long Term Co-operative Action) Working Group Chair released new text this morning that looks quite weak with all of the previously bracketed items simply removed. No equity, no finance, weak accounting rules – it is entirely unacceptable but the question is will it move to the COP where it will receive attention from ministers or will the whole thing be opened up again for further LCA negotiations opening the door for other discussions to also re-open. Questions remain about the strategy of the Qatar COP Presidency and his failure to bring ministers together before we reached this juncture.

Climate Finance – the lack of numbers on the table remain a blocker. There are many developing countries who simply are desperate for adaptation funds which really need to be financed through public treasuries. Fast start finance ends this year and other than a few northern European countries, no climate financing has been forthcoming. Every single side event in Doha on finance emphasized the need to leverage private finance but on adaptation almost every one agrees public finance is a must. Yet other than a few northern European countries, no pledges have been forthcoming.

As negotiations go into the night and possibly the weekend, we will be keeping you updated on the COP18 liveblog.

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