‘Do the Math’ tour leads to 100+ colleges divesting from fossil fuel energy

• December 2, 2012
Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein onstage at the Do the Math Tour in Omaha, NB

Creative Commons: 350.org, 2012

Recently a whopping 72% of Harvard students voted to divest the university’s multi-billion dollar endowment from fossil fuel companies—and the university immediately said that wouldn’t happen.

Nevertheless, soon more colleges will be feeling the pressure from students, as the some 100 more colleges have joined the fight, being urged on by 350.org, to pull investments from the single most polluting and powerful industry on the planet.

In a recent “letter” from his cross-country Do The Math tour, Bill McKibben touts some early successes: Unity College in Maine and Hampshire College have both pulled investments from fossil fuels.

Unity College president Stephen Mulkey writes:

“The colleges and universities of this nation have billions invested in fossil fuels. Like the funding of public campaigns to deny climate change, such investments are fundamentally unethical.  The Terrifying Math of the 350.org campaign is based on realistic, reviewed science. Moreover, in our country it is clear that economic pressure gets results where other means fail. If we are to honor our commitment to the future, divestment is not optional. […] Our college community will lead by fearless action.  We will confront policy makers who continue to deny the existence of climate change.  We will encourage those who work in higher education to bravely step out from behind manicured, taxpayer funded hedges, and do what needs to be done.   We will not equivocate, and we will meet those who have been misled by climate change denial in their communities. The time is long overdue for all investors to take a hard look at the consequences of supporting an industry that persists in employing a destructive business model.”

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