Enbridge video ‘erases’ islands in the way of the Northern Gateway pipeline

• August 16, 2012
Enbridge video and the real map

Courtesy: Leadnow.ca & SumofUs.org, 2012

When designer Lori Waters watched the new video from Enbridge oil detailing the route for its proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, something was missing. About 1000 square kilometres of something, to be exact.
Whatever the reason behind the omission, Enbridge’s video omits one of the most dangerous parts of its proposed pipeline route: a journey through Douglas Channel – the fourth most dangerous waterway in the world. To make the trip safely, tankers will be required to make sharp 90 degree turns through twisting, rocky passages.
Yesterday TckTckTck allies Leadnow.ca and SumofUs launched a campaign demanding Enbridge pull its misleading video ads from its website and online. The campaign is supported by many of your fellow partners working in British Columbia and across Canada.

Already the story has made the frontpage of the Huffington Post Canada, been covered in other media outlets and the graphic has been shared several thousand times. But that’s not enough – you can help keep pressure on Enbridge to pull their ads and be accountable to the public about their plans for the BC coast.

How you can help:

  • Sample copy: DEMAND that Enbridge pull their misleading ad: http://sumofus.org/campaigns/enbridge/ An independent scientist just discovered that Enbridge deleted dozens of islands from their slick videos meant to inform the public about the safely of the Northern Gateway pipeline. They are deliberately and dramatically misrepresenting the risk of oil supertankers travelling through the 4th most dangerous waterway in the world. This is just one more reason why we can’t trust Enbridge. Tell them to stop misleading the public about the risks of oil tanker spills: http://sumofus.org/campaigns/enbridge/  Please share this graphic! If enough of us sign, they will be forced to pull the ads.
  • Or you can RT @tcktcktck: Hey #Enbridge: Stop misleading the public. Your misleading pipeline ads aren’t fooling anyone. ow.ly/cZD9G#climate

Thanks in advance for your help holding Enbridge accountable!


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