The Elders + Youngers tackle the ‘big questions’ around Rio+20

• May 3, 2012

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As world leaders prepare for the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development this June, our partners The Elders are hosting an online discussion to ask what our shared future should look like and explore how we get there.

Four of their esteemed thought leaders Desmond TutuGro Brundtland,Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Mary Robinson have joined four young activists –MarvinEstherPedro and Sara – to find new ways of thinking on the most urgent issues facing our world today.

Read their first discussion on the following question below, and join the conversation in the comments:

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  1. Dear Elders,
    We know that you care about us and the future generations but you are currently too tied up to find answers and work towards the immediate needs like- Oh! What can I do to make my job better? How can I get a better raise? How can I make more money? What will be my answers in the next stakeholders meeting? You seem to have lost the connection with the environment that you need to give and hand over to the next generation.
    The Future we want must constitute a sustainable just and peaceful world. You are losing the wisdom to think and connect. You have indulged in convenient living forgetting the rest- like for example you go to the supermarkets and buy loads of grocery in plastic bags which stay forever if not recycled and carelessly tossed they reach our oceans forming Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch and Atlantic. A simple act of –Saying No to Plastic is needed. Similarly many more! Today you have to travel great distances to experience a beautiful environment and tomorrow may leave no place for us to travel.
    Why can’t you along with us together, strive to keep our planet earth as a dream city or a dream planet? You need to take up the Challenge! to adopt more sustainable lifestyles -to reduce carbon emission to the minimum-and -to shift from exhausting non-renewable energy resources to the renewable energy resources as each one of us has a responsibility to live peacefully and not jeopardize the natural resources of our Planet Earth. I share and learn many good ideas that inspire me. “I must be the change I want to see in the world”.
    Importantly, what is left now is a resolute effort by each one of us to ask a simple question to ourselves-WHAT IS THE ONE THING I CAN DO TODAY THAT WILL BENEFIT THE ENVIRONMENT? Whatever the answer is, in your own capacity just DO IT. If each one of us ensures to do one act every day, it will sum up to SEVEN BILLION ACT DAILY.
    I ask you to act now- to share the knowledge- to formulate knowledge into wisdom– to move forward together to and above all seize the inspiration from the Kenyan proverb “The world was not given to you by your parents’; it was lent to you by your children.”

    Simran Vedvyas
    UNEP -TUNZA Eco Generation Regional Ambassador Middle East
    Earth Charter Youth Group Country Activator- UAE
    Peace Ambassador Emerging Futures Youth Network
    Ambassador Connect for Diabetes- Raise your Hands for Africa and Middle East
    Spokesperson and Ambassador Cosmo Foundation (an NGO with Education Initiative) India and UAE
    Ambassador Cartoona Club and Student Member Emirates Environmental Group
    Environment Club Prefect, Best Buddies Prefect, Senior School Student- The Millennium School, Dubai- UAE, and
    Member International Youth Council, Water Youth Movement and Communications Task Force Group
    UN CSD Major Group for Children and Youth

  2. Ayanwale Taofeek Adeola says:

    Let peace live in every home and earth by training people to think about peace and not conflicts.

  3. Namubiru Partiricia says:

    Global Leaders,we the your generation are very much tired of your very sweet words and promises.We want action,balance the two, the poor and the rich,things have changed,the poor countries are becoming poorer while the rich countries are becoming richer,it is the same thing with people from rich or poor countries,
    the rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poorer.why do you allow the very few people to become extremely rich on the expense of the poor? How are we going to achieve sustainable development in such a situation? Don’t you have think tank to formulate policies which can change the situation for the better?

    Corruption and terrorism plus dictatorship especially in the developing countries has become to much,try to find the means to prevent it by putting in place strict stringent.

    Partricia Namubiru,a student in senior four and a candidate 16 years old who have no hope to continue with my studies due to the high level poverty itching my parents and the majority of the citizen of my country Uganda in the sub sahara Africa where the majority of the hungry and poor people come from globally.

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