Greenpeace posts shocking new photos from BP oil spill

• May 9, 2012
Ship cleaning up oil from the BP Gulf oil spill, summer 2010

Creative Commons: Kris Krug for Static Photography, 2010

The White House and BP have been hiding the truth about the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf.

After almost two years after Greenpeace submitted a Freedom of Information Request for images and information related to the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster, we finally received the first batch of files. The images are disturbing and beg the question: What else about the Gulf disaster is the White House and Big Oil hiding from the public?

The (horrible) picture below is of a “critically endangered” Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle. 

Here some more of the images that we are releasing today. Take action and demand that the White House immediately make publicly available all the images, files and documentation before they reach a settlement with BP.

Read More: Greenpeace USA >>


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  1. le says:

    Thanks for not forgetting about the gulf and what happened , from a person from the gulf … we hope you continue and are successful in your quests.

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