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tcktcktck’s Fresh Air Brief

Good Monday morning and welcome to this edition of the Fresh Air Brief, a weekly overview of trending climate news, and upcoming meetings, events and issues that our tcktcktck partners & peers are tracking. Fresh right now:

* New OECD report warns governments to act on climate change now or face costly consequences
* World Bank’s Andrew Steer to take over as WRI President
* Monday webinar on global renewable energy trends in 2011 and expectations for 2012

Recent developments

OECD: 50%+ emissions by 2050 without more ambitious climate policies
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued a stern warning to governments in it’s most recent report OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050. The report finds that without an abrupt change in national policies around the world, CO2 emissions will drive global average temperatures up 3 to 6 degrees Celsius by 2100.

New report on sea level rise sparks worry in the US
Climate Central’s Surging Seas project shows nearly 4 million Americans at risk in coming decades because of the sea level rise caused by global warming. Since the project’s release on March 13th, it’s appeared in more than 600 broadcast reports, print and online publications across the US.

Brazilian forest code vote debate wages on
The Brazilian government is still locked in debate over changes to Brazil’s Forest Code that many of our partners are calling disastrous. CNN’s Eco Solution’s has a recent video overview of what’s at stake.

What our partners are focused on now

World Bank’s lead man on climate change to take over as WRI President
While our partners have differing views on the role the World Bank should play in fighting climate change, few would argue that the bank’s lead man on the topic, Andrew Steer, has been anything less than steadfast force pushing countries and companies to step up their ambition and roll out climate change solutions. Our tck partner, WRI, has just announced that Steer will join them as President later this year. No word yet on who might fill Steer’s current post.

Will Poland keep Europe from realizing a low-carbon economy
It’s been just over a week since many of our European partners called out Poland’s leadership for holding the EU hostage during the most recent meeting of EU Environment Ministers. Without a strong national plan to move beyond reliance on coal, Poland wouldn’t accept proposed milestones for cost-effective emission reductions by 2050. As our EU partners’ focus moves to the EU’s June Energy Council, efforts are underway to convince Poland to help realize a clean-energy future for Europe.

Big oil + big profits = dirty politics in Canada
Our partners in Canada have been busy sorting though hundreds of pages of documents obtained through Canadian freedom of Information laws. They’ve published a new report, Dirty Oil Diplomacy – The Canadian Government’s Global Push to Sell the Tar Sands, outlining the changing domestic and international policies of the Canadian government as they work to expand the tar sands. The report paints a clear picture of collaboration between Canada’s government and industry to ensure that no doors are closed to Canada’s highly polluting tar sands.

I bet this video won’t go viral – 350 pivots to fossil fuel subsidies
While it’s no KONY 2012, 350 posted this excellent video looking back at recent victories in the Keystone XL fight and looking forward at their newest US target – fossil fuel subsidies. In the video, Bill McKibben calls for the creation of a scoreboard to track every US elected official’s position on subsidies. Meanwhile, President Obama used his weekly address to repeat a call on Congress to consider in the next few weeks halting $4 billion USD in annual oil company subsidies – putting every member of Congress on record. 350 is out with an online petition to show the US Congress how important the issue is.

Resources and opportunities

Webinar @ 15:00 GMT today: REN21 Renewables 2011 Global Status Report
REN21 is offering a webinar presentation of their Renewables 2011 Global Status Report, which shows that the renewable energy sector continues to perform well despite economic downturn, incentive cuts, and low natural-gas prices. Join REN21’s Executive Secretary Christine Lins and learn more about the report’s findings and what lies ahead for renewable energy in 2012. Click here to join today’s 15:00 GMT webinar.

the Rio+20 Blogger Prize
There’s still time to join the Tcktcktck team in Rio by winning the Rio+20 Blogger Prize. We’re looking for a climate-smart blogger or videographer to be part of our on-the-ground team in Rio; and help us share stories and keep climate change and renewable energy on the agendas of world leaders. This is a rare chance for you to join our team and be part of the action (with expenses covered).

Win a Date with History
If you had two minutes to tell the world’s leaders what kind of future you want, what would you say? Tcktcktck is looking for young people between the ages 13-30 who are willing to share their bold vision for the Earth. The Date with History winner will have a chance to speak at the UN Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Other upcoming moments on our calendar:

  • 21-22nd March – ATAG Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva – a potential flashpoint for further public announcements ‘for’ and ‘against’ the European aviation cap
  • 22nd March – The UN’s World Water Day focuses on Water and Food Security – emphasizing two crucial issues increasingly impacted by climate
  • 27-28th March – Creating Climate Wealth Conference in Washington DC – illustrating that economic and environmental progress are not mutually exclusive

Connect you with our partners in the trenches
As always, if you’re looking to dig into any of these issues and want to connect with our partners in the trenches, Fresh Air is here to help. Email me and I’ll help make it happen.

That’s all for this week’s Fresh Air Brief. We’re eager to learn how to make this as useful as possible, so all feedback is welcome. We’re also eager to accept suggestions for leads, content and opportunities you’d like to promote. Get in touch.

If you haven’t already, apply to join our Fresh Air Network.

Til next time.

By Joshua Wiese

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