New infographic explores how Keystone pipelines are ‘built to spill’

• August 29, 2011

View the full-size infographic here:

TransCanada says their Keystone pipelines are the safest on the continent.

But what about those 12 spills in the past year? Since its operation began in June of 2010, the Keystone 1 pipeline has suffered more spills than any other 1st year pipeline in U.S. history, a track record which does not bode well for the proposed Keystone XL which tracks across one of the largest aquifers in the world – the Ogallala – which supplies drinking water to millions of mid-Westerners and provides 30% of the nation’s groundwater used for irrigation.

The Keystone pipeline map shows the spills documented in TransCanada’s publicly released safety records alongside the proposed route for Keystone XL, indicating key risk areas near waterways and major metropolitan areas.

Together with Emma Pullman from DeSmogBlog, I created an infographic showcasing the spills and potential risks. See it below and read more at the Huffington Post.



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