A good week for the climate movement is a bad week for the Keystone XL pipeline

• August 15, 2011


If the Keystone XL pipeline were a celebrity, this would be its tabloid moment. In the past week, story after story has revealed what we in the environmental and climate movement have suspected all along: this pipeline extension is dangerous, unnecessary and should not be approved.

Here’s the latest from The Guardian UK:

TransCanada’s 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline will carry as many as 1.1m barrels of crude a day to the Gulf of Mexico. It will cut through the sensitive heartland of the country. It will massively enrich big corporations. And it is certain to spill: the only question is when and how often and with what kind of human and environmental toll.

If that were not enough, the pipeline is also a surefire recipe to overcook the planet. World-renowned climate scientist James Hansen has concluded only drastic measures will prevent a catastrophic rise in temperature: phasing out coal over the next 20 years, and immediately ending the use of unconventional fossil fuels like tar sands. Burn the murky and gigantic pool of Canadian carbon, and it is “essentially game over” for the climate. The decision for the pipeline’s go-ahead ultimately and fortuitously rests with Obama alone – and thus, so too the power to begin rewriting this ecological horror story.

Thom York, Mark Ruffalo and Bernie Sanders call out the Keystone XL

Last week twenty scientists, a prominent politician and two world-famous celebrities joined the call against the Keystone XL pipeline and Canada’s Tar Sands. Rock star Thom Yorke of Radiohead posted this missive on his blog:

President Obama is soon to make a decision on whether to press one of THE big red climate self destruct buttons..

and is under considerable pressure from a fake grassroots campaign funded by um
..certain interested parties (its called Astroturfing )
into allowing the Tar Sands nightmare to go ahead..
if you don’t know anything about the Tar Sands have a quick google…

as seems to be the way of politics this won’t happen unless a strong show of resistance can be seen to help obama say no.

Anyway there is a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience planned in washington..

And dashing movie star, Mark Ruffalo, made this engaging video:

Take action against the Keystone XL pipeline and Canada’s Tar Sands

There are several ways you can support tcktcktck partners campaigning against the Keystone XL pipeline. These include:

1. Go to an environmental impact public hearing in DC.
You can show up at a public meeting about the environmental impact statement on the pipeline – anyone can attend. In late August there will posted dates and locations in Washington DC. Find out when the meeting is held at the State Department page on Keystone.

2. Join the Tar Sands Action campaign
Go to this website for more information – http://www.tarsandsaction.org/

2. Write to Obama
We suggest supporting the top climate scientists who speaking out about proposed increase in oil production in the US. Add your voice to theirs by writing to President Obama contact him and say you are worried about changes to the arctic sea ice levels and extreme weather being linked to fossil fuel emissions. See below for sample letter and contact details for the President.

Dear President Obama,

I have noticed in the media that the Arctic sea ice level has retreated to a record low this summer. Meanwhile extreme weather seems to be occurring all over the world. I am concerned that these events are linked to climate change and I would like to add my voice to the 20 top scientists who recently wrote to you about the US expansion into more oil production. The Keystone XL pipeline is not the only way we have to produce energy. Can we not have renewable energy to power our homes and vehicles? I realize there is a cost involved in this transition but how much do we stand to lose from continued extreme weather events? Please spend the money for the pipeline on renewable energy.

4. Blog or Tweet about it
The fantastic team at Daily Kos are in the middle of a blogathon against the Keystone XL pipeline. See their most recent entries and add your own comments or diaries. Then, join the conversation about the Keystone XL pipeline and Canada’s Tar Sands on Twitter using the hashtag #NoKXL.

5. Sign a petition against the pipeline
Several of our partners are running online petitions against the Keystone XL pipeline, add your name at the links below:


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