Changing the game – TckTckTck receives media innovation award

• March 12, 2010

In 2009, in our all out effort to influence the outcome of the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, we tried a lot of new things in an extremely short period of time. On the digital and media sides of the campaign, one might say, we threw a lot of spaghetti on the wall to see what would stick (which is the culture of digital media – the field is so new there is a lot of experimentation).

Kelly Rigg on a unified brand message with many orgs for TCKTCKTCK from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.
So it was very rewarding for all of us to hear that some of those experiments bore fruit, so much so that this week in Miami, Florida our campaign was recognized as a “Game Changer” with a prestigious award from the We Media media innovation conference.

We Media is a conference of leaders among media publishers, technologists, and non-profits. Their theme this year was “almost nothing has been invented yet”. You can read more about why they thought we changed the game in their feature on us, Resetting a global environmental countdown. We Media | Resetting a global environmental countdown.

Some of the aspects of our campaign that they recognized as innovative, and game changing:

  • Our open source shared brand, TckTckTck (created by one of our partners’ ad firm), that was everywhere in Copenhagen
  • The way we re-framed climate change from an environmental issue to a justice and development one
  • How we got hundreds of “big brand” NGO partners to deeply collaborate, on strategies and actions, more than ever seen before
  • The huge success of our global aggregation petition, with over 15M people from around the world signing on
  • The innovative web tools we created to grow the petition and spread the word, including Facebook apps, mobile apps, widgets, and other distributed tools
  • The way we used and empowered alternative media channels – specifically bloggers – to help spread our messages
  • The Fresh Air Center in Copenhagen, which was in many ways the culmination of many of our strategies in one physical media space

So while in the end we did not, of course, succeed in getting a fair, ambitious, and binding climate agreement out of Copenhagen, the way we ran the campaign, aligned the movement, and activated millions of people to become more involved in climate was indeed something that changed the game. Wait until they see what we’ve got planned for a second act!

Our Executive Director Kelly Rigg was on hand to accept the award in Miami this week. You can see a video of her explaining how our innovative shared brand worked, above, or read the full transcript here.


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